Preclinical studies engineer

Audrey acquired a master degree in Integrative Biology and Toxicology at the University Paul Sabatier of Toulouse in 2014.

She did her six months internship in SYNCROSOME where she set-up the Sugen/Hypoxia PAH model. She then joined the technical staff for two years.
After her stay at Syncrosome, she first worked on a rat model of vestibular disorder by evaluating the efficacy of a patented drug candidate to improve posture and balance functions.

She then extended her skills by studying nonhuman primate visual system  using electrophysiology, optical and two-photon imaging in the marmoset for two years.

She is now back in the Syncrosome team as an engineer and will support both the technical staff and the study directors in the development of their department.
She is also a member of the ethics committee and have a training activity for french accreditation dedicated to experimentation on alive animals with surgery option.


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