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Disease Models

Syncrosome as a preclinical CRO focused on efficacy studies, has a strong expertise in Central Nervous System (CNS) preclinical efficacy data with a focus on Preclinical Parkinson’s disease and Stroke. We have developed animal models combined with behavioral tests, neuro-protection and neuro-inflammation evaluation. These rodent models (rats or mice depending on the in vivo preclinical parkinson’ s model) are fitted for testing disease-modifying drug or compounds acting on symptomatic effects. Following your needs, it is possible to perform classical, IntraCerebroVentricular (ICV) or Intranasal administration as well as stereotaxic surgery.


Our CNS department developed several models allowing to screen compounds or to perform an in depth characterization of your molecule’s efficacy. One of our missions is to provide you with high content efficacy data to better anticipate clinical results, for example in preclinical Parkinson’s area. For this purpose we are able to monitor different relevant biomarkers by ImmunoHistoChemistry (Neuron counting, Striatum IHC, Substantia Nigra IHC) and also inflammatory biomarkers. Furthermore, in many CNS diseases it is crucial for the treatment to be able to pass through the Blood Brain Barrier (BBB). Hence we perform in routine Central Nervous System Pharmacokinetics (CNS-PK) studies, which can be coupled with Pharmacodynamics studies to explore PK/PD relation.

  • Pharmacological induction
  • Catalepsy model for potential drugs screening
  • Akinesia models dedicated to early and late stage development of Parkinson
  • Dyskinesia model adapted to study the potential efficacy of drugs on the L-DOPA-induced side effects
  • Behavioral tests: initiation test, stepping test, cylinder test
  • Mechanical induction: Middle Cerebral Artery Occlusion (MCAO)
  • Focal Cerebral Ischemia
  • Locomotor activity tests (MNSS), adhesive removal test, cylinder test
  • Histology
  • BBB passage evaluation
  • CSF sampling (Acute and Chronic collection)
  • Brain Microdialysis (on several brain areas simultaneously)
  • Brain to plasma Ratio
  • Neurotransmitter monitoring
  • Dosage of candidate compound in CSF or Plasma by HPLC-MS/MS


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