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Our missions

Partner of large and medium drug discovery companies all around the world since 2000, as a preclinical contract research, our main activities consist in :


We have developed and validated so far more than 15 disease models; our flexible and human-sized organization can design and operate tailored experimental protocols to give you appropriate answers.

Beyond sound science, our proactive approach combining pharmacological expertise, appropriate study design, relevant endpoints performed on relevant and complementary disease models, provide our clients with the most relevant data.

Besides our premium services and track record of success, we pay a special attention to ethics, animal welfare, sustainable development and the validation of up to date techniques.

Our vision

SYNCROSOME has made a partnership with the crew of « Made in Midi » composed of Gwen Glick and Kito De Pavant. We follow « Made in Midi » in different races such as the « Transat AG2R », the « Solitaire du Figaro », the « Route du Rhum » and the « Barcelona World Race ».

SYNCROSOME and « Made in Midi » partnership is a good example of the links that exist between sport and business. Indeed our company and
the crew share the same vision on several aspects like risk management, anticipation of success, team spirit or respect of the environment.

For more information on « Made in Midi », visit this website : www.madeinmidi.org

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A word from the Founder

As more than 60% of new drugs fail in phase 2, we have chosen to focus our activities since 2000 on preclinical In Vivo Efficacy Studies to offer better predictability and anticipate clinical results. We are actively involved in optimizing efficacy study designs on animal models to improve the success rate in phase 2 and thus reduce the drug-to-market cost. With advanced techniques selecting specific biomarkers relying on strict procedures, trained people and appropriate animal models, our team of outstanding professionals looks forward to assist our customers in evaluating the potential of their compounds.

Richard MITRY