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figures concerning the team which represents the way we work :

As a preclinical CRO focused on Efficacy studies, at Syncrosome we decided that the first point is the quality of scientific discussions with sponsors, and our ability to fully understand your scientific goals. The second point is to provide you with robust data, and up-to-date techniques.
We are organized for that.
This combination of scientific aspects, high content data, relevant disease models, good procedures and high level of interpretation of results is the key point of our approach.

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SYNCROSOME scientific team includes PhDs, technicians, biologists, veterinarian and works with a network of preferred partners to offer a high scientific level of expertise in developing disease models at the preclinical stage to anticipate clinical endpoints after the first in vitro screening of its customers.

We have a large experiencewith different departments of Major, Midsized Pharma’s and small biotech companies, since 2000.

SYNCROSOME customer relation and scientific teams are available, before or after your study started, to answer your questions. The support team’s responsiveness and desire to meet and exceed customer expectations ensure that it can respond to specific and individual projects swiftly.