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As a preclinical CRO focused on Efficacy studies, at Syncrosome we decided that the first point is the quality of scientific discussions with sponsors, and our ability to fully understand your scientific goals. The second point is to provide you with robust data, and up-to-date techniques.
We are organized for that.
This combination of scientific aspects, high content data, relevant disease models, good procedures and high level of interpretation of results is the key point of our approach.

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Sandra ROBELET - Corporate and Team


CSO and the Business Developer

A CRO specialized in vivo drug evaluation in CNS, Cardiovascular, gastroenterology, respiratory and metabolic disorders. She joined SYNCROSOME in 2004 after her PhD thesis on Neurodegenerative diseases She had a consultant period for 4 years and she worked with other CRO company focus on Efficacy studies dedicated to pain and PNH models. She set up the CNS department including predictive in vivo models in Parkinson‘s disease and stroke models as well as neuroPK division with CSF sampling and brain / blood microdialysis. She has a training activity for French accreditation dedicated to experimentation on alive animals with surgery option.

As more than 60% of new drugs fail in phase 2 due to a lack of efficacy, SYNCROSOME has focus its activity since 2000 on preclinical in vivo efficacy studies to offer better predictability and anticipate clinical results. SYNCROSOME provides relevant disease models, cutting-edge techniques, specific biomarkers and comprehensive background of physiopathology to assist drug discovery companies in selecting their compounds. SYNCROSOME has developed and validated so far more than 15 disease models, and our flexible and human sized organization can design and operate tailored in vivo experimental protocols to give you appropriate answers.

Guenaelle CANET - Corporate and Team

Guénaëlle CANET

Study director

Guénaëlle acquired a first master degree in Neurosciences and a second master degree in Preclinical Research from Claude Bernard University of Lyon. Thanks to these complementary formations, she has developed skills both in project management and in in vivo experimentations. After her six months internship in SYNCROSOME five years ago, she joined the team.

She supervises projects as Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Inflammatory Bowel Diseases, emesis and nausea models and so on. For all these model’s, several biomarkers are available to better characterize candidate compound efficacy. Recently, she set up whole body plethysmography recordings for cough assessment in Guinea pigs in Respiratory field.

Guénaëlle also belongs of the structure in charge of Animal Welfare at SYNCROSOME. She is working to improve our process continuously. She ensures that replacement, reduction and refinement requirements are met.

jessica morand - Corporate and Team

Jessica MORAND

Study director

Jessica earned her PhD in physiology, physiopatholgy and pharmacology at Université Grenoble Alpes in 2017. During those years, she used different devices and models (intermittent hypoxia, ex vivo and in vivo myocardial ischemia-reperfusion) inducing cardiovascular injuries such as hypertension, myocardial infarction, ventricular arrhythmias… She worked in particular on acute and chronic cardioprotection by using several types of compounds like antioxidants, pharmacologic agents or also trace elements.

Since her arrival at SYNCROSOME in 2018 as study director, she has contributed to develop the cardiovascular division, in particular with acute model of myocardial ischemia-reperfusion protocols, infarct size evaluation procedures or catheter implantations.

She is also in charge of the metabolic and renal department development and has initiated the use of diabetic disease models such as db/db and ob/ob mice (glycaemia, glucose and insulin tolerance, HOMA index, …) or cardiorenal failure model with Dahl SS rat strain (hypertension, renal failure, diastolic dysfunction, …).

By her knowledge in physiology and her experience, she will accompany you in your projects, from classic to customized disease models. Hence, if you need an “unusual” study design or model, do not hesitate to contact us, Jessica will do her best to offer you solutions to meet your specific needs, as closely as possible.

When she’s not at SYNCROSOME, she likes to skate and play roller derby or hiking/get lost in the Calanques of Marseille.

Guillaume BOURDIER  - Corporate and Team

Guillaume BOURDIER

Study director

He joined the company in 2018 after a PhD thesis on acute and chronic cardiac disorders following infarction. Since his arrival, Guillaume has developed the cardiovascular division by internalizing echocardiography in several models of cardiomyopathy, including diastolic and systolic heart failure and pulmonary arterial hypertension. Its knowledge of cardiac disorders also offers sponsors the possibility of having specific support for the implementation of original studies adapted to their needs.

Guillaume particularly enjoys sports like biking and climbing and therefore takes full advantage of the calanques of Marseille.

delphine evy - Corporate and Team

Delphine REVY

Study director

She joined the technical staff of SYNCROSOME in 2013, after her PhD thesis focused on Parkinson’s disease. Now she coordinates the CNS department that proposes in vivo models in Parkinson’s disease or stroke. She has expertise in stereotaxic surgery, neuroPK with blood, CSF and brain sampling, histology and animal behavior. She has a training activity for French accreditation dedicated to experimentation on alive animals with surgery option.


SYNCROSOME scientific team includes PhDs, technicians, biologists, veterinarian and works with a network of preferred partners to offer a high scientific level of expertise in developing disease models at the preclinical stage to anticipate clinical endpoints after the first in vitro screening of its customers.

We have a large experiencewith different departments of Major, Midsized Pharma’s and small biotech companies, since 2000.

SYNCROSOME customer relation and scientific teams are available, before or after your study started, to answer your questions. The support team’s responsiveness and desire to meet and exceed customer expectations ensure that it can respond to specific and individual projects swiftly.