Metabolic Disorder

Disease Models


    Our Metabolic Disorder department possesses a focus expertise on diabetes preclinical. We perform in vivo pharmacology studies to give you a specialized answer about the potential efficacy of your compounds.

    Syncrosome was part of the team working on the Adiabaox program (private-public program) aiming to develop new series of compounds to insulin dependant diabetes (Type 1) and non-insulin dependant diabetes (Type 2). For this purpose our Metabolic Disorder department has developed different animal models for the study of Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes.

    Metabolic Disorder disease models

    These disease models were developed in rodents and the pathologies induced by a specific diet and/or pharmacologically but transgenic models are also used. They are fitted for testing disease-modifying drug or compounds acting on symptomatic effects of diabetes preclinical. Following your needs, it is possible to perform classical, Intranasal or Intratracheal (powder and liquid) administration or to use a nebulizer.

    In addition, cardiovascular parameters as well as cellular biomarkers could be assessed and a specific bioanalysis or organ sampling could be realized. Pharmacokinetic studies using metabolism cages with rodents could also be tailored to provide you with a customize research solution to target your needs.

    • Body weight
    • Fasting blood glucose
    • Glucose tolerance after the treatment
    • Oxidative stress evaluation
    • Really innovative and very close to the clinic
    • Body weight
    • Fasting blood glucose and fasting plasma insulin
    • Insulin resistance (HOMA index)
    • Glucose tolerance after treatment
    • Oxidative stress evaluation

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