CSO and the Business Developer

A CRO specialized in vivo drug evaluation in CNS, Cardiovascular, gastroenterology, respiratory and metabolic disorders. She joined SYNCROSOME in 2004 after her PhD thesis on Neurodegenerative diseases She had a consultant period for 4 years and she worked with other CRO company focus on Efficacy studies dedicated to pain and PNH models. She set up the CNS department including predictive in vivo models in Parkinson‘s disease and stroke models as well as neuroPK division with CSF sampling and brain / blood microdialysis. She has a training activity for French accreditation dedicated to experimentation on alive animals with surgery option.

As more than 60% of new drugs fail in phase 2 due to a lack of efficacy, SYNCROSOME has focus its activity since 2000 on preclinical in vivo efficacy studies to offer better predictability and anticipate clinical results. SYNCROSOME provides relevant disease models, cutting-edge techniques, specific biomarkers and comprehensive background of physiopathology to assist drug discovery companies in selecting their compounds. SYNCROSOME has developed and validated so far more than 15 disease models, and our flexible and human sized organization can design and operate tailored in vivo experimental protocols to give you appropriate answers.


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