SYNCROSOME’s initial goal was to provide post-doctorates transitioning to careers with work experience through private sponsors with outsourcing needs. The idea was so successful that in 2000 SYNCROSOME became it’s own simplified joint-stock company. The company built its own private facilities (lab, housing and offices) in 2006. SYNCROSOME is located in the Biotech Parc Entreprise on the Campus Scientifique de Luminy in Marseille, as part of a high-tech network in the Eurobiomed healthcare cluster.

Thanks to its internal Research & Development program the company is regularly developing new models and integrates new functional exploration methods. Originally specialized in Gastroenterology, SYNCROSOME has developed high competencies in Pharmacokinetic, Cardiovascular, Central Nervous System, Respiratory and Metabolic Diseases. So far, our staff has carried more than 300 studies outsourced by various sponsors all over the world

SYNCROSOME is a founding member of Eurobiomed and works very closely with other member institutions, such as OSEO, for internal R&D programs. SYNCROSOME took also part in the Adiabaox program (private-public program) aiming to develop new series of compounds to insulin dependent diabetes (Type 1) and non-insulin dependent diabetes (Type 2).

In an environment where exchange and transmission of expertise are a culture, we are at the crossroads of communications:

– 40 minutes from international « Marseille Provence » airport
– 3 hours away by train from Paris
– 20 minutes from high-speed train station
– 20 minutes from « Marseille, Vieux-Port »