Quality and Process

Our mission is to perform studies with high gain value and quality. In order to guaranty you outstanding results, we inspired from Good Laboratory Practices (GLPs). Hence we are paying special attention to the following points :

Material and Devices

  • Metrology and maintenance
  • Calibration programs for lab equipments
  • Surgical suite
  • Telemetry, echocardiography, hypoxia chamber
  • Cryostat, Apotome, Confocal Microscopy

 Conducting Expirements

  • Standard Operation Procedures (SOPs)
  • Results of reference compounds guaranteed*
  • Study Directors (PhD) specialized by therapeutic area
  • Study plan, reports and amendments
  • Electronic planning transmitted to technicians
  • Regular training and evaluation of technicians

Sponsor Relationship

  • Confidentiality procedures
  • Regular audits by sponsors
  • Informal meetings
  • Dedicated zone for compound preparation and archiving
    (chemical room)

Data and Documents

  • Dedicated lab notebooks by study
  • Long archiving on demand
  • Our added value
  • Robustness, reproducibility
  • Guaranty of reference compounds
  • Cutting-edge techniques for high content data
  • Experimented PhD to give you their analyses on study
    design and interpretation of results


  • Risk management plan
  • Waste management plan
*Depending on the model