Why Syncrosome

As an efficacy CRO focused on in vivo disease models, we guarantee the capability of our study directors to :

  • Organize, plan and manage the experiments.
  • Bring its scientific expertise on pathologies, targets involved and trends in specific therapeutic areas.
  • Constituting a team with the sponsor to manage the project (regular communication, reporting…).

We are committed to provide you with significant and reproducible results for all control groups of our standard protocols, which were developed with gold standards molecules. Our expertise in several therapeutic areas can be a great advantage for you when considering positioning or repositioning your compounds. We can also offer you simplified protocols to screen your compound on various primary and secondary therapeutic indications.

Privately held, SYNCROSOME possess its own laboratories and animal facilities, which allow us a total control over our working environment, processes, waste management, animal housing conditions.

We have acquired more than 15 years of experience in efficacy characterization studies and have carried out more than 300 studies. Moreover, more than 150 sponsors – including 8 of 10 big pharmas – have trusted us to perform their studies.

We aim to develop long term relationship with our sponsors to ensure you a better follow-up of your activity. With this in mind we help you reducing your outsourcing costs:

  • The more you collaborate with us the cheaper you will pay.
  • The earlier you plan your studies for the year the more money you will save.