Preclinical efficacy Packages

SYNCROSOME mission is to offer you the best possible characterization of your molecule’s efficacy. For this purpose we have developed a “Full Package In Vivo Efficacy Evaluation”, which is available for all our animal models. This offer has been fully optimized and validated with several years of extensive R&D work in the five therapeutic areas:

One of the great advantages of this solution is the ability of Syncrosome scientist team to perform in parallel and on the same animals pharmacokinetic and pharmacological studies. The pharmacokinetic of a molecule being different in an ill and in a healthy animal, it is important to compare the repartition of a test compound in target organs and its efficacy on curing a disease.

Moreover, we place special emphasis on the high clinical predictability and quality of the acquired data. The strong technical competencies of our scientific team in in vivo experimentation and functional exploration allow them to collect a large amount of read-outs such as Cellular and Molecular Biomarkers and/or Functional Biomarkers.

In this “Full Package In Vivo Efficacy Evaluation”, our team is at your side during all the study progress. They advise you designing your study and are responsive to your further needs as soon as the study begins. Finally, after having analyzed and interpreted the acquired data, you are provided with a final report containing the information and results related to the study.