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In accordance with the “Informatique et Libertés” law n ° 78-17 of January 6, 1978, amended by law n ° 2004-801 of August 6, 2004, the automated processing of personal data carried out from the “ ”, hosted on OVH servers, have been declared to the National Commission for Computing and Liberties (CNIL).
As such, and in accordance with article 32 of the aforementioned law, personal information (first name, last name, telephone number, e-mail, social status, domain name) collected via the quote and contact forms are subject to computer processing intended only for the data controller, in this case the site manager Gilles Fadat – , alone recipient of the data, can respond to users in the most appropriate way, and will never be used for unintended purposes or transmitted to partners.

No personal information other than that requested in this context is collected without your knowledge. The data collected will not be kept for more than 1 year:
– from the time of collection or the last contact for prospects,
– from the end of the commercial relationship for customers.

In addition, the data collected through the processing of personal data on this site will not be transferred outside the territory of the European Union. Also, the data processed is subject to constant attention in terms of security.
In addition to an HTTPS website, this involves inventive logins, complex passwords with strong protection as well as more generally advanced security modules protecting access to the entire back office (back office). of the website.
Moreover, in accordance with articles 39 and 40 of this same law, the user of this site or the Customer benefits from the rights of interrogation, access, rectification and opposition relating to the data concerning him by sending an e -mail or a postal mail addressed to:

163 Avenue DE LUMINY


When consulting the website, certain information relating to the navigation of your terminal may be saved in files called « Cookies » installed on your terminal, subject to the choices you have made regarding cookies and that you can modify at any time.

A cookie is a small text file saved in a dedicated space on the hard drive of your terminal, when consulting an online service using your browser software. It allows its issuer to identify the terminal in which it is registered, during the period of validity or registration of the cookie.

The cookies that the operating company issues are used for the purposes described below, during the validity of the cookie concerned, subject to your choices resulting from the settings of your browser software used during your visit to the website and from which you can change the setting at any time.

Cookies from partner companies (third-party cookies) may be placed on your computer via the pages of the website

Only the issuer of a cookie is likely to read or modify the information contained therein.

Analytical cookies

These are cookies that allow the operating company:

generate statistics and the various elements that make up the website (sections and content visited, routes) in order to improve the browsing experience offered;
to count the total number of advertisements displayed by it in its advertising spaces, to identify these advertisements, their number of displays, the number of clicks and navigation information.

Example of analytical cookies

_ga Analytics: recording of navigation data
__utm Analytics: recording of navigation data
_gac Campaign: recording of navigation data from advertising campaigns

Social media cookies and plugins (social buttons)

The operating company is likely to include on the website tools for sharing content with other people or to let these other people know your consultation or your opinion concerning content on our site. This is particularly the case with « Share » and « Like » buttons from social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, etc.

The operating company has no control over the process used by social media in collecting information.

Facebook Connect: login using your Facebook account
Facebook Social Graph: sharing the page on Facebook
Pinterest: sharing the page on Pinterest
Linkedin: sharing the page on Linkedin
Instagram: sharing the page on Instagram

Your choices regarding cookies

You have several options for managing cookies. Any settings you can make will likely change your internet browsing and your conditions of access to certain services requiring the use of cookies.

The choices offered to you by your browser software

You can customize your internet browser (Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, etc.) so that cookies are saved in your terminal or, on the contrary, are refused.
Different types of cookies are used on the website, they have different purposes. Some are necessary for your use of the website

The refusal of cookies

If you refuse to save cookies, certain features, such as the personalization of your navigation (choice of the preferred language for example) will no longer be available.

The operating company declines all responsibility for the consequences related to the degraded functioning of its services and functionalities due to the refusal of the cookie.

How to exercise your choices, depending on the browser you use?

For the management of cookies and your choices, the configuration of each browser is different. It is described in the help menu of your browser which will allow you to know how to modify your preferences in terms of cookies.

How to exercise your choices, depending on the browser you use?

For the management of cookies and your choices, the configuration of each browser is different. It is described in the help menu of your browser which will allow you to know how to modify your preferences in terms of cookies.

For Internet Explorer ™:

In Internet Explorer, click the Tools button, then Internet Options. On the General tab, under Browsing history, click Settings. Click the View Files button. Click the Name column header to sort all files alphabetically, then browse the list until you see files that begin with the prefix « Cookie » (all cookies have this prefix and contain usually the name of the website that created the cookie). Select the cookie (s) including the name of the operating company and delete them. Close the window that contains the list of files, then click OK twice to return to Internet Explorer.

For Safari ™:
In your browser, choose Edit menu> Preferences. Click on Security. Click on Show cookies. Select the cookies that contain the name of the operating company and click on Delete or on Delete all. After deleting the cookies, click on Done.

For Firefox ™:
Go to the « Tools » tab of the browser and then select the « Options » menu. In the window that appears, choose « Privacy » and click « delete specific cookies ». Locate the files that contain the name of the operating company. Select them and delete them.

For Chrome ™:
Open Google Chrome. On the browser toolbar, click More. Hover your cursor over More Tools, then click Clear Browsing Data. In the “Clear browsing data” window, select the Cookies and data from other sites or plug-ins and Images and cached files check boxes. Use the menu at the top to select the amount of data you want to delete. Select From Beginning to delete everything. Click Clear browsing data.

For more information on cookies

The operating company invites you to consult the CNIL website at the following address: