Guénaëlle CANET

Study director

Guénaëlle acquired a first master degree in Neurosciences and a second master degree in Preclinical Research from Claude Bernard University of Lyon. Thanks to these complementary formations, she has developed skills both in project management and in in vivo experimentations. After her six months internship in SYNCROSOME five years ago, she joined the team.

She supervises projects as Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Inflammatory Bowel Diseases, emesis and nausea models and so on. For all these model’s, several biomarkers are available to better characterize candidate compound efficacy. Recently, she set up whole body plethysmography recordings for cough assessment in Guinea pigs in Respiratory field.

Guénaëlle also belongs of the structure in charge of Animal Welfare at SYNCROSOME. She is working to improve our process continuously. She ensures that replacement, reduction and refinement requirements are met.

Guenaelle CANET

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