Syncrosome: what did we change in 2016?

The end of 2016 is near, and with the closure of this year comes the joy of Christmas, holidays and celebrations, but before we head off to spend time with our families, we would like to thank you for your devotion throughout 2016. Let’s remember together the highs of the year!

Our goals have always been, and this year again, to give you more satisfaction and predictable results.

2016 for Syncrosome was a year for a new organization.

Our aim for 2016 was to increase our technical skills around two very important themes in:

– First of all, our scientific expertize focused on physiopathology and pharmacology

– Secondly, our internal process to strengthen our reproducibility and relevance of our in vivo disease models.

To do so, we freshened up the laboratory team by promoting internal personnel and hiring new scientists. The team is now headed by Sandra Robelet, for all that is science, and Caroline Babuleaud, for all the technical and process questions. A new Cardiovascular Study Director, Viviana Delgado, was appointed. She has had a key role in determining and choosing the future models that we will be adding to our portfolio and offer you shortly.

This past year, we have added, through thorough Research and Development studies the following models:

– 1 new model for cardiovascular studies with the new Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension model in mice

– 1 Updated model for the study of the Central Nervous System with the L-DOPA induced Dyskinesia in rats

– And also a colony of Mini-pigs has been implanted to realize PK and Skin Microdialysis

One of the results of these evolution are that we keep working with our long term customers, and get 15 new clients who trust in our models and procedures, and share with us the idea that « good procedure for good science » is a good way to have a good reproducibility of preclinical results…

We’d like to thank you for your confidence, to wish you all the best for this upcoming year, and a very Merry Christmas!

See you all in 2017 for new adventures.

The syncrosome team