SYNCROSOME… lab Extension !!!

SYNCROSOME lab has now 750 m2 including

Open space, relaxation/catering room, meeting room, laboratory with two separate animal facilities with several conventional accommodation areas for rodents and ferrets in 2 different buildings with its own equipped laundry. The laboratory contains 4 equipped surgery rooms with gaseous anaesthesia, one dedicated room for behavioural tests, 3 areas dedicated for experiments and awaking/specific care of animals, one room for preparation of compounds and solutions, one echocardiographic room, one space dedicated for our 2 hypoxic chambers, and one room for our metabolic cages and our new automatic whole body plethysmography system.

SYNCROSOME can manage more than 10 preclinical studies in the same time in CNS, Metabolic Disorders, Gastroenterology, Cardiovascular and Respiratory fields. We offer zootechnical services for 2 other companies.

lab synchrosome 182x300 - SYNCROSOME… lab Extension !!!