Syncrosome & the Translational Neuroscience Congress

As you know Syncrosome is a preclinical CRO managing efficacy in vivo/ in vitro studies with more than 15 disease models validated in house and highly reproducible.

Syncrosome is involved in Central Nervous System activities for 16 years with a specific department dedicated to several CNS disease models, and more specifically Parkinson Disease (PD).

This department is also focused on CNS-PK with relevant tools as microdialysis and CSF sampling.

I am pleased to inform you that Syncrosome will attend the Translational Neuroscience Congress, in Paris, France on January, 25th 2019.

The idea for Syncrosome is to Keep up to date on Parkinsonian animal models and to evaluate the new trend for 2019 and later…

Key topics will be discussed:

  • Translational research on neurodegenerative disease
  • Imaging & RMN spectroscopy 
  • Advances in Animal model

and we’ll have the chance to exchange with Key Biotech and Pharma companies like Lundbeck, Prexton, Amabiotics, Theranexus … and Center of Excellence in Neurodegenerative diseases like DHUNE…

Looking forward to seeing you soon,

Give a look to our website.

Syncrosome team


To schedule a meeting with Syncrosome representatives, please email Emmanuelle Bettendorf, your preferred preclinical CRO contact!