BACK from the 2nd Annual Neuroscience R&D Technologies Conference

Syncrosome, participated last week to the Neuroscience R&D Technologies Conference in London, to present key Parkinson’s data.

It was 2 very interesting days spent to discuss about the new advances in Imaging of Neurodegeneration, Alzheimer and Parkinson’s Disease and Drug Discovery, New trends in Preclinical animal models and Neuroimaging….

Our Scientific representative, Sandra Robelet, launched a talk on the new preclinical strategy combining in vitro and in vivo models to assess the drug efficacy of your compounds in Neurodegenerative disease and interacted with Pharma and Biotech’s companies from all around the world. This talk has been very appreciated from the audience due to the continuation between in vitro and in vivo strategies in Parkinson disease.

An other interesting point discussed, was the CNS-PK tools (CSF sampling and Microdialysis with the monitoring of Neurotransmitters) that could complete the response of in vitro and in vivo disease models with a biochemical approaches of the disease.

Contact us if you want to read the presentation or discuss with us directly!

IMG 6076 300x225 - BACK from the 2nd Annual Neuroscience R&D Technologies Conference

Neurosciences Conference

IMG 6080 300x225 - BACK from the 2nd Annual Neuroscience R&D Technologies Conference

In vivo and In vitro Preclinical strategy for Parkinson








A few words about Syncrosome:

Syncrosome is an Efficacy Characterization CRO and we offer relevant disease models, cutting-edge techniques and a comprehensive background of physiopathology to assist drug discovery companies.

We have developped and validated so far more than 15 disease models, and our flexible and human-sized organization can design and operate tailored experimental protocols to give you appropriate answers.

Our main activities consit in :

  • Drug Efficacy Studies in several therapeutic areas :
    • Central Nervous Sytem,
    • Cardiovascular and Metabolic disease,
    • Respiratory.
  • Early bioavailibility and CNS-PK on rodents and non-rodents with a high competence in the study of the Blood Brain Barrier passage.