Syncrosome: poster Preclinical PAH Sugen – European Respiratory Society meeting

Pulmonary arterial hypertension (PAH) is a rare cardiopulmonary disorder characterized by progressive obliteration of small pulmonary arterioles that leads to increased pulmonary vascular resistance. Because of impaired blood flow inpulmonary arteries, right ventricular pressure (RVSP) rises, ultimately leading toright ventricular failure and premature death. This disorder is characterized by an imbalance in the production of endothelium-derived vasodilator and constrictor factors, dysfunctions of pulmonary endothelial cells (EC) and the proliferation of smooth muscle cells (SMC). Considerable progress has been made in the understanding of the mechanisms underlying PAH and a number of new drugs have been recently approved. However, these drugs do not cure PAH and are often associated with significant adverse effects. More research is needed to develop new therapeutic strategies and this requires the improvement of existing reproducible and predictive animal models.

Organized in september 2015 in Amsterdam, ERS 2015 European Respiratory Society)  is an international congress on Respiratory diseases, with more than 20 000 attendees! SYNCROSOME was extremely proud to be part of the adventure this year, with a new poster presenting our development on a new  innovative PAH Sugen in vivo model, wich has been accepted at the congress.

Data shows very interesting results concerning several parameters including translationnal biomarkers, histology, hemodynamic and Right Ventricular hypertrophy.

To download the poster: