Animal models for Parkinson Disease?

We just came back from the last edition of “World Congress on Parkinson’s Disease and Related Disorders” that took place last week on Geneva, Switzerland. This International congress brought together leading clinical and pre-clinical experts, scientists from University and Pharmaceutical Companies to elaborate new strategies and make a point on the most recent research and updates on pathogenesis, last biomarkers and treatment modalities of Parkinson’s disease.

It was a good opportunity for Syncrosome to deals with the last tendencies in in vivo pharmacology dedicated to Parkinsonian animal models, new biomarkers used for Neuroprotection and Neuroinflammation and complete our knowledge on these topics.

Since 13 years, Syncrosome has developed a reliable, valuable offer on in vivo animal models and now we can offer you to increase end-points by using Immunohistochemistry and CNS-PK (Microdialysis and Neurotransmitters monitoring).

You can download our offer in Parkinson field by cliking here.

New PAH results with the Monocrotaline model

Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension (PAH) is an orphan disease, incurable that remains highly lethal despite recent advanced medical treatment.PAH-Monocrotaline-results

Various pharmacological therapies such as Prostacyclines, Endothelin receptor antagonists, PDE5 inhibitors have been reported for PAH diseases. In spite of these treatments, the average of survival is 2,8 years so new treatments must be developed.

This growing recognition of these health problems, and their risks, increases our need for effective research, drug development and treatments. An essential component of developing new medicines in this therapeutic area is understanding the fundamental mechanisms of disease thanks to reliable in vivo models.

Since 2005, Syncrosome propose you to evaluate the efficacy of your compound in 2 validated models in rats with improved reference compounds:

- Monocrotaline induced PAH in rat: Development of a severe PAH by a chemical induction

- Chronic Hypoxia induced PAH in rat: Development of a moderate PAH by chronic hypoxia

You could find some examples of results obtained here in Syncrosome in the poster published by NICOX in 2011.

So don’t hesitate to contact us and discuss about your projects!

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