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Animal models for Parkinson Disease?

We just came back from the last edition of “World Congress on Parkinson’s Disease and Related Disorders” that took place last week on Geneva, Switzerland. This International congress brought together leading clinical and pre-clinical experts, scientists from University

New PAH results with the Monocrotaline model

Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension (PAH) is an orphan disease, incurable that remains highly lethal despite recent advanced medical treatment.

Syncrosome at the Neuroconnection Symposium

Syncrosome invites you to visit us at Neuroconnection in Marseille the 1st and 2nd July. In the framework of the European project NeuroRescue, this symposium is an European event around technological innovation and private-public partnerships in NEUROSCIENCES and AGEING.

Animal models of Diabete?

Diabetes is a chronic metabolic disorder, caused by a failure of the body to produce insulin and/or an inability of the body to respond adequately to circulating insulin. The WHO estimates that 346 million people worldwide have diabetes.



Members of EUROBIOMED, the competitiveness pole for health in PACA region

Collaboration with Institut Jean Roche - Institut federatif de recherche 11
« Etude des interactions cellulaires dans le tissu endocrinien, le système nerveux et le tissu epithelial »



« Les neurones détecteurs de PH : de nouveaux acteurs dans les lésions de la moelle épinière. »

Project : RAPSODI


« Pre-clinical studies of a PSA-based human vaccine candidate targeting visceral, cutaneous and mucocutaneous leishmaniasis and development of the associated procedures for further clinical trials. »

Project : ADIABAOX


« Nouvelles sulfonylurées multifonctionnelles pour le traitement du diabète de type 2 »