Meet Syncrosome a world leader CRO dedicated to preclinical research

Are you attending « Preclinical Safety and Efficacy Testing for New Drugs » Annual meeting in Zurich?

I would like to invite you to meet Syncrosome representatives:

  • Sandra Robelet, CNS Study Director,
  • Emmanuelle Bettendorf, Account Manager,

at « Preclinical Safety and Efficacy Testing for New Drugs », Nov. 29 – Dec. 1 in Zurich.

Syncrosome is a Preclinical Drug Evaluation Company specialised in human health – we perform pharmacological in vivo studies on physiopathological models.

Our expertise is focused on:

* Proof of concept in vivo with Central Nervous System (Parkinson & Stroke), Cardiovascular (Heart Failure, Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension), Respiratory (Asthma & BPCO) and Gastroenterological (IBD & Emesis) models in routine.

* Early bioavailibility and CNS-PK on different species with a high competence in the study of the Blood Brain Barrier passage. Indeed, Microdialysis and CSF sampling are 2 in routine services.

* Neurotranmitters and Drugs levels assessment.

Based on our expertise and experience Syncrosome offers customized solution to clients from Pharmaceutical Industry and Biotechnologies company.

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